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Some General Guidelines On horse carriage Sizing


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Some General Guidelines On horse carriage Sizing


Nearly all the models of carriages come with fittings and attachments to be pulled with both a single horse or a pair of horse

Getting the correct Size  Carriage for your horse or pony is most important

A carriage built by a reputable manufacturer will be scaled and proportioned correctly to give suitable weight strength centre of gravity and seat height  

How is this achieved

Many of the models of carriage will have three separate frame (chassis) then further final sizing is achieved by fitting different sized wheels to more closely match the the sizing of your pony or horse etc.

Why is  sizing important

If the sizing of your carriage is badly incorrect, i.e. the weight - height and stability it is likely that an accident will occur at some stage  causing harm to both your pony -  horse and to yourselves or others 

It is also important to choose the correct style of carriage for you main driving needs I.E pleasure -- competition -- showing  

Buying a used carriage pitfalls

In the temptation to save a little money in buying a used carriage especially if your not sure if your horse or you are going to take to carriage driving in our experience often leads to rather large compromises being made on the points above .

 There is not a large amount of varying different sized good quality carriages available on the used second hand market

In some cases the outcome of bad choices and a small saving results in the ruin of a good horse and all the effort made in  getting your horse driving not to mention hefty bills that far out way the original savings.

The benefits of buying from a reputable horse carriage dealer and what should you expect

  • They should be more than willing to spend considerable time with you in discussing your needs
  • They should send you large pictures to view If you are not able to see a carriage in person
  • Warranty will be offered

We will be adding videos and better explanations of sizing soon



Some Tongue in Cheek Sketches


Exaggerated scenarios  

Getting the correct Size  Carriage for your horse or pony is most important

Horse Carriage poor Quality Horse carriage too High
Sketch 5 “Blimey, where’s the kitchen sink and sticky tape?”
Sketch 3 “Who said size doesn’t matter?”
If you are not sure if you or your horse are going to take to driving,
 resist the temptation to go for a poor quality carriage.
 This may go horribly wrong, ruin a potentially good horse
 and put you off a really enjoyable activity
With hands at approximately midriff, the reins should be a little above
the rump of the horse.
Poor carriage design, or substantial alteration of the seat height to make too
small a carriage fit a larger horse is not good.
The center of gravity of the carriage may be altered and could
result in turning over.
Horse carriage Too small horse carriage too light
Sketch 4 “Who said size doesn’t matter?” Sketch 2 “Wow a hovercraft pulled by a horse!”
With hands at approximately midriff,
the reins should be a little above the rump of the horse.
If the carriage is too small, the reins will drag down over the rump and you
will lose good contact resulting in no steering, poor braking and loss of vision.
Ask for advice etc…..
Too light a carriage is as bad as a carriage that is too heavy.
Horse Carriage too heavy  have carriage driving lessons 
Sketch 1 “Have a heart Boss, it’ll take me and two pals to pull that!” Sketch 10“You are the weakest link! Shall we try again after you’ve been for a lesson?”
A carriage that is too heavy is as bad as one that is too light. Ask for advice.
 A reputable dealer will help you size your horse to carriage correctly.
It isn’t so difficult. We all have to learn, and you will have loads of fun
joining clubs and meeting other drivers
horse carriage shafts too short  horse carriage shafts too long 
Sketch 9 “I’ve heard of ride and drive, but not this!” Sketch 8 “Ahoy there matey, trot on!”
Shaft length adjustment is important. Too short and the horse will catch the carriage Shaft length adjustment is important.
Too short and the horse will catch the carriage.
Too long and you have unnecessary strain on the shafts, horse,
and excessive trace length.
carriage driving harness too small  carriage driving harness too big 
Sketch 7 “You’ve got to be kidding! When did you last fit into size zero?” Sketch 6 “Oh no, not another hand me down!”
A badly fitting harness will be uncomfortable for your horse and he
will not perform well.
A correctly fitting harness is essential
if you want your horse to be comfortable and perform well.

Dimensions you may wish to check

four wheel horse carriage dimensions

Click above on picture

two wheel gig horse carriage dimensions

Click above on picture



Walk round videos of the many different horse carriage models 

Some times large pictures just aren't enough, so we are gradually building up a library of many carriage models we sell, so please check back regularly