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Recent News


Another New Carriage !

Custom Build Varnished Hickory

Slat – Sided Mountain Phaeton
Slat Sided Mountain Phaeton
Mountain Phaeton Quick Link
Ayrshire Farm USA
Custom made for a team of shire horses
Park Drag (Built-Up Break) Quick Link

A Few Recent New Additions To Our

Extensive Harness And Parts Stock

The Platform
Platform Gypsy Flat bed
The Dolly Pair and Single with hitch
Dolly Hitch Cart
Carriage Driving Quarter Sheets
Driving Horse Ware Quater Sheets

Quick release pairs pole straps



Frequently asked questions when purchasing from Pony and Carriage Ltd

Telephone UK 01297 553564 or Intl 004 1297 553564

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Carriage Driving Online Shop And General Buying FAQs


We take great pride in our reputation for outstanding customer service to the carriage driving communities
If you are unsure about any aspect of our business or products please do contact us and we will explain any aspect in detail

We answer telephone calls from 8.30am - 10.30pm GMT 7 Days A Week to fit in with our international customers and national customers with busy life styles

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Our FAQs are written in plain English to be understandable and brief ,
 We will update and add to them -  to include customer feedback suggestions of improvement
How to use our online shop Video Shipping Information USA and Canada Useful information Mainland Europe Useful information
This video shows you how to navigate For the online shop and direct purchase of Questions such as How safe and easy Questions such as How safe and easy
find product detail and make a purchase Larger high value items such as carriages - team harness is it to buy and import horse carriages etc. is it to buy and import horse carriages etc.
General Online shop buying FAQs Our Returns policy New Zealand - Australia Useful information Other language support
Questions such as what to do if you have made a mistake When there is a problem Detail information to be added shortly Detail information to be added shortly
How long will it take for my item to arrive Please always contact us as soon as possible    
In an effort to keep the FAQs  brief - short and understandable  detail will be generalized
Please contact us via  email or telephone for up to date and detailed imformation



Shipping Information


Important  Notes

** Isle of Man , Jersey, Guernsey, Republic of Ireland ,Scottish Highlands Must select Zone 2 when adding items to the shopping cart.**

** Carriage Driving whips due to their oversize length  are sent by UPS courier and given an un representative shipping weight **

Shipping Rates

An approximate table guide of the shipping cost 

Zone Area Weight Price Weight Price
Zone 1 Mainland Uk 0 - 15kg   15 - 30kg £
Zone 2 UK Highlands and Islands  0 - 0.5g   0.5 - 1kg £
Zone 3-A Mainland Europe 0 - 0.5g   0.5 - 1kg £
Zone 3-B Mainland Europe 0 - 0.5g   0.5- 1kg £
Zone 4 USA  / Canada 0 - 0.25g   0.25 - 0.5g £
Zone 5 Australia  / New Zealand 0 - 0.25g   0.25 - 0.5g £
Zone 6 Rest of World 0 - 0.25g   0.25 - 0.5g £

Shipping Questions and Answers

  •  Q: What does the - sign mean.
    • A: The - sign means greater than or between : example  (Zone 1) a single item or multiple items with a total weight between 0kg and 15kg
  • Q: I still don't understand the free shipping.
    • Ok : example 1 (Zone 1) you could purchase for example 1 Zilco X-Full Tedex Harness approx. weight 12kg, two sets of C3 Shackles approx. weight 2kg,and one Full size Zilco Under Halter approx. weight 0.24kg Total combined weight of items purchased = 14.24kg this weight falls with in the Zone 1  0kg - 15kg Band and you will  be charged.
    • OK: example 2 (Zone 1) you could purchase for example 2 Zilco X-Full Harnesses approx. combined  weight 24kg this falls with in Zone 1 15kg - 30kg Band so £8.00 shipping costs will be added to the shopping cart
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Zoom and Click on your country to view shipping zones

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Just a few of our national and international item deliveries

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General Questions and Answers


 Q and A

Q: Why do you not list all of the carriage driving items in you online shop

A: Many items we sell are made to a custom size or colour and with many other different options including items like carriages with a high value.

A: An online shop is not well suited to these widely varying options

A: We are very conscious of the well being of you and your horse or pony etc., and this in many instances is achieved with personnel contact and advice, and this in many instances is achieved with personnel contact and advice

Q: Will you ship World Wide including carriages

A: Yes we do, please contact us by email or telephone and we will give you a quote

Q: I am worried about entering my credit cart details and buying over the internet or phone

A: We use a professional secure online credit cart merchant and shopping cart.

A: No credit card information is stored or seen by pony and carriage ltd when you purchase from our online shop

A: You are welcome to contact us by telephone so we can give you more in depth answers 

Q: I am not sure about the item specifications , sizing colours etc.

A: We make every effort to accurately describe in brief detail and in plain English items within our online shop, if you are at all unsure please do contact us before purchase

A: We would much rather give you additional help and advice enabling you to purchase and be totally happy with the item you receive.

A: With in our website you will find additional generalized videos and large pictures 

Q: What happens if I have purchased the wrong size or incorrect item

A: Firstly we would encourage you to both read the item descriptions thoroughly and make use of the additional sizing information : pictures , videos etc to help prevent this happening.

A: Mistakes do happen! both on our side the seller and you the customer, the first thing to do is contact us by telephone or email letting us know what the problem is, our contact details are located on the contact us page of the website, we take

A: Our Company **Pony and Carriage Ltd** take great pride in its worldwide reputation of giving outstanding customer services, and the sale of quality items to the Carriage Driving Community. We give a 14 day national and international returns policy on any of our items.

Q: When will you dispatch my item and are their any exceptions

A:Items purchased from our online shop will general be dispatched within 1 working day of payment for the order

A:Item details will generally say if their is an exception some harnesses for example may at times require ordering to suit customer specifications

A:We will always try and contact you should there be a stock error or excessive delay



International additional information


Import duties, taxes or customs clearance charges

If you are ordering goods for delivery outside of the UK, please note that your consignment may be subject to import duties, taxes or customs clearance charges, which are levied once the goods reach the country of destination.

 Any such charges levied in relation to customs clearance must be borne by you. It is accepted by you that Pony and Carriage Ltd has no control over additional charges in relation to customs clearance. Pony and Carriage Ltd recommends that you check with your local customs officials or post office for more information regarding importation taxes, duties or clearance charges that may be applicable to your on-line order.

 You will be the importer of the goods and responsible for any import VAT and duty that may be borne. In addition, any charges for import clearance will be borne by you, the customer.


Please note: When shipping goods from the UK, cross border shipments may be subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities. In respect of all goods dispatched to you to an address outside of the UK, you are deemed to be the importer



We have many more carriage driving items that are not  listed in our online shop so please do contact us

Telephone : 01297 553564

International Enquiries : 44 1297 553564

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