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Another New Carriage !

Custom Build Varnished Hickory

Slat – Sided Mountain Phaeton
Slat Sided Mountain Phaeton
Mountain Phaeton Quick Link
Ayrshire Farm USA
Custom made for a team of shire horses
Park Drag (Built-Up Break) Quick Link

A Few Recent New Additions To Our

Extensive Harness And Parts Stock

The Platform
Platform Gypsy Flat bed
The Dolly Pair and Single with hitch
Dolly Hitch Cart
Carriage Driving Quarter Sheets
Driving Horse Ware Quater Sheets

Quick release pairs pole straps



USA - Canada Carriage Driving General Frequently Asked Question International Purchases


The process of purchasing carriages horse harness and other carriage driving items from international suppliers is very easy in today’s electronic world , but some basic principles still apply

Theses are just a few generalized guidelines and help

Be sure to deal with a reputable company !

A few basic ways of determining this

  • The company will have a registered company number and a VAT (TAX) number and should readily give this to you

  • The company will have no hesitation in answering all a purchasers questions no matter how small or basic – just as if you were asking at a local shop

  • The company will supply large photos measurements and other detail, it is in their interest to supply the correct item to an international customer as the return of an item will be very costly to the Company.

  • Try to purchase from companies that trade only in carriage driving equipment (carriage driving equipment is a big field all of its own) companies that trade in all equestrian disciplines are less likely to be able to give hands on expert advice.

  • Reputable Companies that trade internationally will have telephone answering times that will fit in with most world time zones – a quick in-expensive international telephone call can quickly resolve hard to write down questions.

At Pony and Carriage Ltd - You can expect all of the above from us 

We have spent many years building up a business with a recognized international reputation of quality and customer service.


Be aware of your buyer protection!

Reputable European companies have to adhere to government DSR (distance selling regulations) without going in to great detail!

  • When purchasing from the internet the amount of protection and rights an international buyer has, is generally greater than that of purchasing from a local supplier


Prices ! You can save 20% on our website shop displayed prices

How Does this work

  • Generally Europe item prices displayed on an internet shopping website include the local country VAT (tax)

  • When a European company sells to a country outside of Europe Example USA it is classed as an export and the local tax does not have to be charged – so the international purchaser saves for instance 20% of the displayed purchase price.
  • This reduction happen at the add to basket stage but before actual purchase stage (you will see the savings)

Purchasing or ordering large high value items such as horse carriages

  • Via email and telephone conversation we can help and advise you making sure you get the horse carriage you want: Model - Size - Design - Colours - Accessories etc.